Blawgworld 2007

I am gratified to report that Insurance Scrawl was included in Blawgworld 2007, a very lengthy “e book” in .pdf format that collects a number of articles or blog entries from 2006 for inclusion in one handy collection. My contribution, originally published here, concerns the role in bad-faith cases of coverage counsel who manages a claim, focusing on the question whether counsel is a necessary trial witness and disqualifies him or her from continuing to represent the client. The piece further discusses whether the back-and-forth between a policyholder and its carrier — even where conducted outside-lawyer to outside-lawyer — constitutes evidence admissible at trial of the bad-faith claim, even if the inaptly called “settlement privilege” would preclude its introduction as evidence on the principal contract claim regarding coverage. I selected the piece for inclusion in this collection because I thought it highlights an interesting and different angle that reflects some of the intellectual ground I try to stake out marrying granular detail of doctrine with the practicalities facing lawyers in this field. I’m please to remind previous readers of the piece as originally published and to introduce new readers to it.
No doubt that any collection such as BlawgWorld will omit many fine commentators, but I take as the project’s point more to show off the range and diversity of this newer forum for discussion writ large and to encourage lawyers — who strike all of us legal bloggers as ideal readers and competitors — to take advantage of the considerable benefits these vectors of communication present. I certainly spend at least 30 minutes a day cruising through various blog entries in the US, UK, and Canada, as well as news sources that utilize an RSS feed, to keep up on the most current developments and to stimulate my own thinking. I find this work is more effective at keeping up to date on legal developments than just about any other mode of communication, and the manner in which people write in BlawgWorld makes ingesting that information easy.
You are cordially invited to find materials in which you have an interest — and if the right stuff does not already exist out there then, by gum, you’ve got the tools via blogging to start your own printing press too and get into and shape the conversation, the practice of law, public policy, and court decisions, too.