Getting in Sync with HSR Timing Considerations

Word 'M&A' of the yellow square pixels on a black matrix background. Mergers and acquisitions concept. Getting in Sync with HSR Timing Considerations

A common question for companies contemplating mergers or acquisitions is how the Hart-Scott-Rodino process works and how long it takes for different kinds of transactions to be reviewed and cleared. The FTC posted a helpful article here today which provides practitioners with guidance regarding timing parameters under the HSR Act, including a helpful HSR timeline graph which can be accessed here.

Included is a discussion of the following topics:

1. When the HSR waiting period begins
2. How long the waiting period runs for different types of transactions
3. What “early termination” means
4. The “withdraw and refile” process
5. The waiting period in the event that a second request is issues
6. The impact of timing agreements
7. How long a filing is good for