Emily F. Taylor

Senior Associate


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Discrimination and harassment cases require a precise blend of zealous advocacy and compassion. Emily artfully balances these skills to expose false allegations.

Emily’s advocacy also includes her methodical research and analytical skills. She draws upon those skills to synthesize complicated and often emotionally-charged issues into persuasive and reasoned arguments.

To help her clients avoid litigation and create a healthy work environment, she provides training on discrimination and harassment compliance and prevention.

In her pro bono work, she has helped international non-profit groups analyze and develop legal frameworks relating to issues such as freedom of speech and fighting corruption in developing countries.

Posts by: Emily Taylor

New California Law Fills in the Blanks of Salary History Ban

Last week, California enacted new legislation updating the prohibition on employers inquiring into the salary history of their applicants and the requirement that employers respond to applicants’ requests for the pay scale for positions. This law, enacting Assembly Bill No. 2282, clarifies key provisions in Labor Code section 432.2 regarding employers’ obligations, which were left undefined in the bill that added Section 432.3 to the Labor Code last year. READ MORE

Iceland Moves to Freeze Out Wage Discrimination

On January 1, 2018, Iceland’s amended Equal Pay Standard took effect, the latest in a serious of measures seeking to address the persistence of national gender wage gaps. The law requires employers with 25 or more employees to obtain a government certification every three years verifying a company’s compliance with equal pay requirements. Failure to attain certification exposes employers to liability of up to nearly $500 in penalties per day. Employers with an observed pay differential can comply by raising the salaries of employees to eliminate the differential. READ MORE