Megan M. Lawson

Managing Associate

Silicon Valley

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Companies facing the emotionally-charged world of employment litigation trust Megan to protect their reputation as much as their bottom line.

To resolve claims of discrimination, harassment or retaliation, Megan first conducts a meticulous analysis of each case’s legal and business elements. She then draws upon her keen emotional intelligence to transform a complex collection of facts into a compelling story that resonates with judges and juries alike.

Megan demonstrated her ability to dismantle a plaintiff’s case in the landmark gender discrimination Pao v. Kleiner Perkins case. As a junior associate, Megan analyzed thousands of documents during discovery, assisted with preparing witnesses for depositions and trial, and managed the evidence used at trial. Despite intense public scrutiny and a sympathetic plaintiff, the team convinced the jury to sympathize with her client’s perspective and secure a complete defense verdict. In recognition of the landmark victory, Megan and the team won the 2016 California Lawyer Attorneys of the Year Award. Megan’s extraordinary attention to detail again proved valuable when she helped Twitter defeat Class Certification in a gender discrimination case in 2018. In addition to serving as the case manager, Megan worked on the opposition motion, deposed putative class members, prepared Orrick partners to depose the opposition’s expert, worked with Orrick’s experts and handled several key motions and declarations.

Megan also helps her clients avoid litigation by counseling companies on a variety of pre-litigation employment issues and legislation.

In addition to her employment practice, Megan devotes her time to the community through pro bono and diversity initiatives. She recently conducted a pro bono administrative hearing, which included the preparation of an opening statement, witness examinations, and cross-examination of the opposing side. And in 2018, she was re-elected to her second term as President of the Black Woman Lawyers Association of Northern California.

Posts by: Megan Lawson

Tech Giants Continue To Face The Equal Pay Litigation Spotlight

In recent years, the volume of equal pay lawsuits has continued to increase in Silicon Valley, despite technology companies reaffirming their commitment to equal pay policies and practices. Earlier this month, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co. (“HP”) was hit with the latest equal pay lawsuit. The class action lawsuit, filed in Santa Clara Superior Court, alleges that HP discriminated against its female workers by paying them less than their male counterparts and funneling women into certain jobs based on stereotypes. READ MORE

Employers Left Hanging Again: Coates v. Farmers Reaches Settlement & Still No Answers on Interpreting California’s Fair Pay Act

What many were hoping would bring clarity to California’s Fair Pay Act, further left employers in the dark on how to interpret the Act.

On April 29, 2015, Plaintiff Lynne Coates filed a class action lawsuit against Farmers alleging gender discrimination claims under Title VII and California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act, as well as violations of the federal and California equal pay acts and California’s Private Attorneys General Act.  Coates claimed that Farmers systematically discriminated against female attorney employees and that its “common compensation and promotion policies and practices resulted in lower pay and unequal promotions for female attorneys.”


New Year, New Laws: A Summary of Hot Button Employment Laws to Hit the Books in 2016

From coast to coast, as the calendar turned to 2016, a host of new employment laws became effective.  States and local government are imposing broad obligations on employers well above what federal law requires.  This patchwork of legal requirements will continue to bedevil employers.  As you begin implementing your resolutions for 2016, here’s our take on the major changes that went into effect across the nation last week: