Rating Agency Developments

On February 12, Fitch discontinued its U.S. ABS Seller/Servicer Ratings product and withdrew all existing U.S. ABS Seller/Servicer Ratings and related criteria.  Fitch Release. 

On February 17, Fitch updated its criteria for stressing interest rate risk for all existing and new structured finance transactions, which are applicable to all structured finance asset classes and covered bonds’ ratings.  Fitch Release. 

On February 16, S&P announced that it plans to comply with the European Regulation on Credit Rating Agencies (in force from December 2009) and that by September 7, all ratings on structured finance transactions will include an additional “(SF)” symbol.  S&P Release.

On February 19, Fitch announced that it intends to add “sf” to all of its structured finance ratings.  Fitch Release.

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