Rating Agency Developments

On March 9, Fitch updated its dual-party pay criteria for long-term ratings on letter of credit-supported U.S. public finance bonds.  Fitch Report.

On March 9, Fitch announced that senior secured ratings of corporate property bonds issued by EMEA REITs or property investment companies (PICs) could attract an additional single notch above their senior unsecured ratings.  Fitch Release.

On March 9, S&P gave advance notice of proposed CDO criteria changes for securitizations backed predominantly by emerging market corporate debt.  S&P Release.

On March 8, S&P released its methodology for rating U.S. and Canadian stand-along and large loan CMBSS&P Report.

On March 6, S&P requested comments by June 6 on revised methodology and assumptions for rating U.S. local governmentsS&P Report.

On March 5, Fitch updated its non-U.S. public sector entities criteria.  Fitch Report.

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