FSA Censures Kaupthing for Liquidity Monitoring Failures

On June 26, the FSA reported that it had issued a Final Notice (dated 18 June 2012) against Kaupthing Singer and Friedlander Limited (KSFL), the UK based subsidiary of the Icelandic banking group Kaupthing Bank Hf (KBHf). Final Notice.

The FSA found that KSFL breached Principle 2 of the FSA’s Principles because it failed to consider promptly and properly whether liquidity stresses in KBHf would have a detrimental effect on its own liquidity position. KSFL did not give proper consideration to, or properly monitor, a special financing arrangement with its parent company in Iceland. In addition, when it started to have concerns about this liquidity arrangement, it failed to discuss these concerns with the FSA in a timely manner.

The FSA has published this notice to ensure that other regulated firms understand the importance of complying with the FSA’s liquidity guidelines and that where compliance is dependent on liquidity arrangements with a parent company, the ability to exercise these arrangements is rigorously tested rather than assumed.