Rating Agency Developments

On September 19, Fitch released its criteria for analyzing large loans within single-borrower or multiborrower U.S. CMBS transactionsReport

On September 17, DBRS released its methodology for rating U.S. structured finance transactionsReport

On September 17, DBRS released its third-party due diligence criteria for U.S. RMBS transactionsReport

On September 16, S&P released its criteria and key credit factors for several types of project finance transactions, including:

On September 16, S&P also released its methodology for assessing operating risks, its methodology of assessing transaction structure risks and its framework methodology for project finance transactions:

On September 16, Moody’s released its rating methodology for credit card receivables-backed securities and other securities backed by revolving consumer loansReport

On September 16, Fitch released its revised Fund Quality Ratings assessing funds’ investment processes and operational attributes.  Report

On September 15, Fitch released its revised rating criteria for trade receivables securitizationsReport

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