ResCap’s Claims Against Mortgage Originators in Minnesota Will Proceed

On November 12, Judge Susan Richard Nelson of the United States District Court for the District of Minnesota declined to dismiss claims by the Residential Capital LLC (ResCap) bankruptcy trust against six mortgage originators.  ResCap alleges that the six originators—Academy Mortgage Corp., First California Mortgage Corp., Provident Funding Associates, L.P., T.J. Financial, Inc., Universal American Mortgage Company, LLC, and Wells Fargo Financial Retail Credit, Inc.—breached representations and warranties in regard to almost $4 billion in RMBS.  ResCap asserts claims for breach of representation and warranty and for indemnification. Judge Nelson held that ResCap’s allegations stated a claim for breach of warranty without identifying specific allegedly breaching loans. The Court further held that ResCap had standing to bring these claims, and the claims were not time-barred because they were brought within the two-year period for debtor claims under the Bankruptcy Code.  Order.