EBA Final Guidelines on Passport Notifications for Mortgage Credit Intermediaries

On August 11, 2015, the European Banking Authority (EBA) published its final guidelines (EBA/GL/2015/19) on passport notifications for mortgage credit intermediaries under the Mortgage Credit Directive (2014/17/EU) (MCD).

The guidelines specify the information that firms seeking to passport under the MCD should provide to competent authorities in their passport notifications and include templates for the notification forms that firms should complete for these purposes. The guidelines also contain guidance on the transmission of information about passport notifications to competent authorities in host member states and on the information about passporting firms that competent authorities should make publicly available.

The EBA consulted on the guidelines in June 2015.

The guidelines apply from March 21, 2016, the transposition date for the MCD, with the exception of certain information requirements for competent authorities that apply from the day after the date the guidelines are published in the official languages of the EU.