CB:PSB Issues Guidance to Support Implementation of Advanced Standard for Top Bankers


In the UK, guidance to support the implementation of advanced standards for professional bankers was published on August 15, 2018. The guidance is available here. The guidance is in fact dated January 2018, the same date as the advanced standard which was published in May 2018.

The standard sets out the Chartered Banker Professional Standard Board’s (“CB:PSB“)expectations around the quality of work and conduct of high ranking professional bankers. The CB:PSB is focusing on individuals responsible for developing a customer-focused culture, ethical professionalism and a set of behaviors as set out in the Chartered Banker Code of Professional Conduct and the FCA and PRA individual accountability regime.

The guidance specifically targets those who are developing policies, procedures and systems within their institutions. However, the CB:PSB believes it will also be useful to other players in the industry who support the ongoing improvement of conduct and professional expertise within the banking industry.