Political Agreement Reached on Relocation of EBA


On October 17, the Council of the EU published a press release announcing that it and the European Parliament have reached political agreement on the proposed Regulation on the relocation of the European Banking Authority (“EBA“) (2017/0326 (COD)). The press release can be found here.

The Regulation amends Article 7 of the EBA Regulation (Regulation 1093/2010) to state that the EBA will have its seat in Paris. The European Commission adopted the legislative proposal for the Regulation in November 2017.

The Council and the Parliament presumably reached agreement on the version of the text of the Regulation (13175/18) published by the Council on October 16 that was stated to be the confirmation of the final compromise text.

The next steps will be for the Regulation to be submitted to the Parliament for a vote at first reading and to the Council for final adoption. The Regulation will apply from March 30, 2019.