EDGAR Filer Manual

SEC Adopts Updated EDGAR Filer Manual

On April 13, the SEC adopted revisions to EDGAR Filer Manual and related rules to reflect updates to the EDGAR system. The updates are being made primarily to support the 2015 US GAAP financial reporting and 2015 EXCH taxonomies; add new form types for registration of Security-based swap data repositories (SDR); revise the Form ID Application Confirmation screen; remove references to the Paper Form ID; and revise Item 1 on submission form type MA-A.  Final Rule.

SEC Updated EDGAR Filer Manual

 On August 30, the SEC issued a final rule adopting revisions to the EDGAR Filer Manual.  The revisions are being made primarily to: (i) support submission of Confidential Registration Statements; (ii) require Form ID authentication documents in PDF format; (iii) automate LTID generation for Large Trader registrations; (iv) support minor updates to Form D; (v) remove superseded XBRL Taxonomies; (vi) remove the OMB expiration date from Form TA-1, TA-2, TA-W, 25-NSE; and (vii) request of unused funds.  SEC Final Rule.