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Rating Agency Developments

On March 30, DBRS released its Canadian structured finance surveillance methodology. DBRS Report.

On March 30, Moody’s released its global methodology for incorporation of joint-default analysis into its bank ratings. Moody’s Report.

On March 29, S&P published its criteria for rating commercial paper programs issued by sovereign governments. S&P Release.

On March 28, S&P released its methodology for assessing the impact of interest shortfalls on U.S. RMBS. S&P Release.

On March 28, Fitch released its state housing finance agencies general obligation rating criteria. Fitch Report.

On March 27, Moody’s released its methodology for rating special tax bonds. Moody’s Report.

On March 26, DBRS released a general methodology for rating Canadian structured finance transactions. DBRS Report.

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Obama Administration Approves State Plans for Use of Foreclosure Prevention Funding

On June 23, the Obama Administration approved the plans of the State Housing Finance Agencies in Arizona, California, Florida, Michigan, and Nevada to use $1.5 billion in “Hardest Hit Fund” foreclosure-prevention funding. This first round of funding will support local initiatives to assist struggling homeowners in those states.  Treasury Release.