Daniel Robertson

Senior Associate

New York

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Daniel Robertson is a senior associate in the New York office and a member of the firm's Complex Litigation and Dispute Resolution Group. He is a litigator, with a practice primarily focused on high-stakes, complex commercial disputes involving clients in the financial and technology sectors.  He represents clients in a wide range of matters in federal and state courts, both at the trial and appellate levels.

He has extensive experience in the financial services industries, complex commercial contract disputes, and products liability litigation.

Posts by: Daniel Robertson

Monoline Insurer Hoist with its Own Petard

A common claim alleged by monoline insurers is that RMBS sponsors fraudulently induced them to provide the insurance by misrepresenting the quality of loans and underwriting.  As the story invariably goes, the insurer only discovered that it was defrauded after its vendor reviewed a sample of several hundred loan files, and was shocked to find that most loans, usually alleged to be somewhere between 75% to 95% of the sample, breached representations and warranties.  On May 4, a New York court turned these types of post-loss file reviews against the insurer in CIFG Assur. N.A., Inc. v. Goldman Sachs & Co., Index No. 652286/2011 (N.Y. Sup. Ct.).  Here, the court found that the very same file sampling and review easily could have been done – and legally should have been done – in the insurers’ due diligence.  The insurer’s failure to conduct adequate due diligence when it issued its policy required dismissal of its fraud claim for lack of reasonable reliance. READ MORE