Is Your Data Safe? National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Cyber Security Keyboard Button National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Happy U.S. National Cybersecurity Awareness Month! One year ago, in recognition of the Department of Homeland Security’s annual campaign to raise awareness about cybersecurity, Orrick’s Cybersecurity & Data Privacy Group launched its award winning blog Trust Anchor.

Almost daily we hear news about data breaches, cybersecurity and privacy enforcement proceedings, litigation, and new laws and regulations. Trust Anchor covers it all: recent cases, legislative and regulatory developments, emerging compliance standards and best practices for cybersecurity and privacy risk management, insurance trends and more! But, we don’t just report on these events, we highlight key takeaways and what these developments mean for you.

In honor of our one year anniversary we are bringing back blog posts that you, our readers, have told us are your favorites!

Thank you for your readership as we all work together to keep our data safe!

 Trust Anchor readers top picks!

  1. FTC Makes Clear that NIST Cyber Framework is Not a Cure-All
  2. Is Ransomware A Notifiable Data Breach Event?
  3. Court Says Cyber Forensics Covered by Legal Privilege
  4. Does Free Credit Monitoring Do More “Harm” Than Good?
  5. Cyber Insurance: An Overview Of An Evolving Coverage
  6. Navigating the Digital Age – Cyber Risks to Board of Directors
  7. Notifying Parties In Username/Password Breaches . . . It’s Not Just the Law
  8. Business E-mail Compromise Scam v. 2.0
  9. Does the Schrems Decision Open the Door to New Cyber Insurance Exclusions?
  10. When a Cyber Attack Has Physical Impact
  11. The Cybersecurity Playbook_ Building Effective Attack and Breach Preparedness
  12. Privacy Policies and the Sale of Corporate Assets: It pays to plan ahead to preserve the value of your data assets


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