Orrick Launches Automated GDPR Readiness Tool for Companies

Today, Orrick announced the launch of our automated General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Readiness Assessment Tool, which makes the EU’s new, complex, data privacy law, the GDPR, more accessible. The free tool is available to all organizations and allows businesses to stress test their compliance against the upcoming GDPR. It segments the GDPR into 14 workable themes and guides the user through a series of dynamic questions relating to each theme. Upon completion of the assessment, the tool provides a complimentary tailored report summarizing the likely key impacts of the GDPR for an organization.

The new GDPR rules go into effect on 25 May 2018 and apply to companies based in the EU, and to
non-EU based companies carrying out business activities with EU customers or EU residents. Any organization may use the tool to identify its current level of compliance with the GDPR. Carrying out an assessment is the first stage in the important process of developing risk-based project plans. The risk of noncompliance for privacy and cybersecurity is substantial – violations may result in sanctions with fines as high as four percent of annual global revenue or €20 MM and the loss of the opportunity to conduct business in the EU.

Make Orrick’s GDPR Readiness Assessment Tool the first step in developing your company’s GDPR action plan!