Oil & Gas Bankruptcy Issues: Part 2 Typical Deal Structures and Financings

Part 2 Typical Deal Structures and Financings

In this second of five videos on the oil & gas industry, Orrick Restructuring Chair Ron D’Aversa and Restructuring Partner Doug Mintz discuss oil & gas deal structures and oil & gas financings.

If you wish to skip ahead, select one of the below topics:

What are the typical kinds of deals operators employ?

What is the typical deal structure for a reserve-based loan (RBL)?

How does the borrowing base work?

What is the process for redetermining borrowing bases?

What role do hedges play in the borrowing base redeterminations?

What is your view on how the spring redetermination process effected companies and what should we expect for the fall?

What happens if there is a major spike or decrease in price in the middle of the redetermination process?

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