Oil & Gas Bankruptcy Issues: Part 5 Bankruptcy Issues for Secured Creditors

Part 5: Bankruptcy Issues for Secured Creditors

In the final installment of this series on the oil & gas industry, Orrick Restructuring Chair Ron D’Aversa and Restructuring Partner Doug Mintz survey the bankruptcy landscape for the oil & gas industry in the current low-price climate, outlining strategic reasons for bankruptcies, how unencumbered assets make for an atypical bankruptcy case, and how valuation and new borrower options could ultimately lead to adversarial cases.

If you wish to skip ahead, select one of the below topics:

Where will the next bankruptcy filings occur?

How will financing play out in these bankruptcy cases and what are the important variables to consider?

What are some of the unique issues associated with sales in these cases?

What are the new options available to borrowers in these cases?

How will valuation, cramdowns and unencumbered collateral affect these cases?

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