Syncora Guarantee Inc. Sues J.P. Morgan Securities LLC as Successor to Bear Stearns & Co.

On June 6, 2011, Syncora Guarantee Inc. filed a complaint in New York state court against J.P. Morgan Securities LLC as successor to Bear Stearns & Co. Syncora’s complaint alleges that Bear, as underwriter of the GreenPoint Mortgage Funding Trust 2007-HE1, made false and misleading statements about the loan pool that fraudulently induced Syncora to issue a financial insurance gauranty policy for the trust. Further, Syncora alleges that J.P. Morgan has since interfered with the originator’s contractual obligation to repurchase loans that breached the originators representations and warranties. Syncora alleges it has paid more than $320.2 million in unreimbursed insurance claims owing to $404 million in losses for the GreenPoint Trust. Notably, Syncora alleges that it uncovered the evidence it cites to support its claim through ongoing federal litigation against the originator, EMC Mortgage Corp. Syncora Decision.