EBA Publishes Discussion Paper on Use of Consumer Data by Financial Institutions

On May 4, 2016, the EBA published a discussion paper on innovative uses of consumer data by financial institutions, in line with its mandate to monitor financial innovation.  The EBA report notes that although general provisions apply to financial institutions regarding secrecy, conduct and data protection, which impose restrictions on the use of consumer data, EU legislation specific to the financial sector contains few requirements that address the use of consumer data by financial institutions.

In recent years, some financial institutions have started using consumer data in innovative ways across the EBA’s regulatory remit (that is, mortgages, personal loans, payment accounts, payment services, and electronic money). The paper identifies risks and benefits for consumers and financial institutions of such uses, as well as for financial integrity in general. Feedback received on this discussion paper will inform the EBA’s decision on which, if any, further actions may be required to mitigate the risks arising from this innovation, while also allowing market participants to harness its benefits.