European Commission Adopts Delegated Regulation on RTS on Additional Collateral Outflows


On October 31, 2016, the European Commission adopted a Delegated Regulation supplementing the Capital Requirements Regulation (“CRR“) (Regulation 575/2013) in relation to regulatory technical standards (“RTS“) for additional liquidity outflows corresponding to collateral needs that have resulted from the impact of an adverse market scenario on an institution’s derivatives transactions (C(2016) 6867 final).

In March 2014, the EBA submitted a draft RTS to the European Commission. These proposed to take flows of collateral into account on a gross basis, contrary to the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision’s (“BCBS“) net approach. However, the assessment of the draft RTS was then delayed. The EBA submitted an amended draft RTS to the Commission for endorsement in May 2016. The method of calculation used in the RTS is founded on the historical look‑back approach developed by the BCBS.

The Council of the EU and the European Parliament must now consider the Delegated Regulation. If no objections are raised by either of them, the Delegated Regulation will enter into force 20 days after its publication in the Official Journal of the EU (“OJ“).