European Parliament Votes to Adopt Report on Decision on Increased Regulatory Powers for ECB over Clearing Systems


On July 4, 2018, the European Parliament published the minutes of its plenary session, which confirms that it has voted (in plenary) to adopt a report on a draft decision amending Article 22 of the Statute of the European System of Central Banks and of the European Central Bank (“ECB“) (2017/0810(COD)).

The text of the amendments to the decision adopted by the Parliament has also been published.

The decision is in relation to the ECB’s recommendation for the decision made in June 2017, in which it asked for a greater role in regulating clearing systems for financial instruments, including central counterparties (“CCPs“), by amending Article 22 of the Statute

This amendment would enable the Eurosystem (i.e. the ECB and the national central banks of member states in the Eurozone) to monitor and assess risks posed by CCPs clearing significant amounts of euro-denominated transactions, and enable the ECB to adopt additional requirements for those CCPs.

The Parliament’s Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee (“ECON“) and Committee on Constitutional Affairs (“AFCO“) published the final version of a joint report containing proposed amendments to the decision in June 2018.

Once the Council has decided its own negotiating position, the Parliament will enter into interinstitutional negotiations with the Council of the EU on the decision.