Rating Agency Developments


On July 25, DBRS published an update in its methodology for rating Canadian public pension funds and related exclusive asset managers. Release.

On July 23, Fitch published a criteria report outlining Fitch’s methodology for rating U.S. residential mortgage-backed securities (“RMBS“). Report.

On July 19, DBRS published an update to its methodology for rating collateralized loan obligations (“CLOs“) backed by loans to European small and medium-sized enterprises (“SMEs“). Release.

On July 19, Fitch published a criteria report detailing Fitch’s methodology for analyzing portfolios of corporate credit for rating CLOs and other collateralized debt obligations (“CDOs“). Report.

On July 19, Fitch published rating criteria for notes that rely on the performance of all parties to a one-, two- or three-party transaction (“credit-linked swaps” or “first-to-default swaps“). Report.