A Delegated Regulation Supplementing EuVECA Regulation Regarding Conflicts of Interest is Published in OJ


On May 22, the Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2019/820 supplementing the European Venture Capital Funds (EuVECA) Regulation (345/2013) with regards to conflicts of interest EuVECAs was published in the Official Journal of the EU (OJ).

The Delegated Regulation, which was not objected to by the European Parliament on May 15, 2019 and presumably has not been rejected by the Council of the EU, sets out:

  • The types of conflict of interest for the purposes of Article 9(2) of the EuVECA Regulation.
  • Conflicts of interest policy requirements.
  • Procedures and measures to prevent, manage and monitor conflicts of interest.
  • Management of consequences of conflicts of interest.
  • Strategies for the exercise of voting rights to prevent conflicts of interest.
  • Disclosure of conflicts of interest.

The Delegated Regulation comes into force on June 11, 2019 and applies from December 11, 2019.