Ashley Halvorsen


Los Angeles

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Ashley Halvorsen is an associate in the Structured Finance group in the Los Angeles office.


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Rating Agency Developments

On January 30, DBRS published a report entitled: Master European Structured Finance Surveillance Methodology. Report.

On January 30, S&P published a report entitled: Incorporating Sovereign Risk in Rating Structured Finance Securities: Methodology and Assumptions. Release.

On January 29, Moody’s published a report entitled: Moody’s Approach to Assessing Counterparty Risks in Structured Finance. Release.

On January 28, DBRS published a report entitled: DBRS North American Commercial Real Estate Property Analysis Criteria. Report.

On January 25, S&P published a report entitled: Global Methodology and Assumptions: Assessing Pools of Residential Loans. Release.

Shared National Credit Review Finds Some Improvement in Credit Quality, While Risk Remains Elevated in Leveraged Loans


On January 25, the Federal Reserve Board, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency released a report reviewing Shared National Credit Loans, which found that risk associated with large syndicated loans has declined, while the risk associated with leveraged lending has not improved. The report encourages banks to update credit risk management policies according to the current risk climate. Release.