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Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co. Files Two New RMBS Actions

On May 6, 2011, Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co. filed two complaints in the U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts, both alleging violations of the Massachusetts Uniform Securities Act in connection with MassMutual’s purchases of RMBS. The first action concerns RMBS sponsored by Impac Funding Corporation, and asserts claims against Impac, one of its affiliates, two of its officers who signed the relevant registration statements, and J.P. Morgan Securities as successor-in-interest to two of the RMBS underwriters. The second action concerns RMBS originated by non-party American Home Mortgage Investment Corp. (“AHM”), and asserts claims against one of the RMBS sponsors, several depositors and underwriters, and several of AHM’s and Bear Stearns’s officers who signed the relevant registration statements. MassMutual alleges that in marketing the sale of the RMBS, defendants misrepresented that the underlying loans were prudently underwritten and had certain characteristics, including specific loan-to-value ratios and owner-occupancy statistics. MassMutual v. Impac Complaint. MassMutual v. Goldman Complaint.