Andrew Davidson & Co.

Simplifying GSE Reform – A Roundtable Discussion

On April 8, 2015 Andrew Davidson & Co, held a roundtable discussion in Washington D.C., “Simplifying GSE Reform – A Roundtable Discussion”. The discussion was focused on whether to replace or reform the GSEs, alternative methods of risk share, the Ginnie Mae model, and related issues. GSE Reform roundtable discussion summary and proposal here.

AD&Co’s 20th Annual Conference: Innovation Amid Uncertainty

Andrew Davidson & Co. will be hosting their 20th Annual Conference – Innovation Amid Uncertainty, on June 13 in the Graduate Center of City University of New York. Partner Howard Altarescu will participate as a panelist in the session Securitization and Risk Sharing: Restoring the Role of Private Capital in the Housing Finance System. For more information about the event, and to register, please click here.