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Bank of America Discloses NYAG Investigation and SEC Inquiry into RMBS Practices

In its February 28, 2013 Form 10-K filed with the SEC, Bank of America disclosed that it is under investigation by the New York Attorney General over its purchase, securitization and underwriting of home loans and RMBS.  According to the filing, Bank of America has received several subpoenas and requests for information, particularly relating to its underwriting and issuance of RMBS and involvement with certain collateralized debt obligation offerings.  Additionally, the filing disclosed that the SEC has issued an inquiry to Bank of America regarding the SEC’s investigation of Merrill Lynch’s risk control, valuation, structuring, marketing and purchase of CDOs.  Bank of America disclosed that it is providing documents and testimony to the New York Attorney General and the SEC in full cooperation with both investigations.  Form 10-K Excerpt.