closed-end funds

Rating Agency Developments

On August 16, S&P requested comment on project finance construction and operations counterparty methodology. S&P Release.

On August 16, S&P updated its defeasance criteria for U.S. CMBS transactions. S&P Release.

On August 15 and 16, Fitch released reports on: (i) recovery ratings for financial institutions; (ii) securities firms; (iii) bank holding companies; (iv) financial institutions; (v) market value structures; (vi) U.S. closed-end funds; (vii) infrastructure and project finance; (viii) bond funds; (ix) APAC CMBS; (x) prepaid energy transactions; (xi) U.S. residential mortgage Re-REMICs; (xii) U.S. RMBS; (xiii) Prime RMBS loan loss models; (xiv) state housing finance agencies – single family mortgage program; (xv) state revolving fund and municipal loan pools; and (xvi) Japan CMBS surveillance.

On August 12, DBRS published a guide regarding its legal criteria for European structured finance transactions. DBRS Release.