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SEC Seeks Public Comment on Disclosure Requirements Relating to Management, Security Holders and Corporate Governance Matters


On August 25, 2016, the Securities and Exchange Commission requested “public comment on disclosure requirements in Subpart 400 of Regulation S-K, including those relating to management, certain security holders, and corporate governance matters.” Press release.

Rating Agency Developments

On December 15, Fitch updated its bank regulatory capital criteria.  Fitch Release.

On December 15, Fitch updated its hybrid equity rating criteria for the non-financial corporate and REIT sectors.  Fitch Release.

On December 15, DBRS published its master European RMBS rating methodology and jurisdictional addenda.  DBRS Release.

On December 14, S&P requested comment on its proposed methodology for rating obligations secured by future U.S. federal cash flows.  Comments must be submitted by January 17, 2012.  S&P Release.

On December 14, Fitch updated its criteria for rating prerefunded U.S. municipal bondsFitch Release.

On December 13, Fitch updated its corporate governance criteria.  Fitch Release.

On December 12, Fitch updated its insurance broker rating criteria report.  Fitch Release.

On December 12, Fitch updated its criteria for finance and leasing companiesFitch Release.  Fitch Report.

On December 9, Moody’s released its approach to rating transactions backed by structured settlementsMoody’s Methodology.

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European Commission Capital Requirements Directive Proposal

On July 20, the European Commission issued proposal CRD IV, which would replace the Capital Requirements Directives issued in 2006. The proposal would: (i) require European banks to hold more capital of higher quality, applying the international bank capital standards agreed to under Basel III; (ii) set up a new corporate governance framework; and (iii) compile all applicable legislation in a Single Rule Book for banking regulation. European Commission Release.