Deposit Guaran-tee Schemes Directive

EBA Publishes Final Report on Guidelines on Co-operation Agreements Between DGSs Under Recast DGSD

The European Banking Authority (“EBA“) has published a final report on guidelines on cooperation agreements between deposit guarantee schemes (“DGSs“). The guidelines have been developed to promote a common and consistent approach to co-operation agreements between DGSs throughout the EU, as provided under the recast Deposit Guaran-tee Schemes Directive (“DGSD“).

To promote a consistent approach and facilitate entry into co-operation agreements between DGSs across the EU, the guidelines specify the objectives and minimum content of co-operation agreements, and provide further guidance on the sequence and timing of events when the local DGS performs a pay-out of depositors on behalf of the DGS in another member states. The guidelines also include a multilateral framework co-operation agreement to which the DGSs or, where relevant, the designated authorities should adhere, although they allow DGSs or designated authorities to enter into bilateral or multilateral agreements where it is intended that co-operation agreements will go beyond the level of detail required by the guidelines.