derivative product companies

Rating Agency Developments

On January 10, DBRS released the following rating methodologies:

On January 10, S&P updated its methodology and assumptions for CLOs backed by European small and midsize enterprises (SMEs).  S&P Release. 

On January 8, Moody’s released its methodology for assessing RMBS servicing quality.  Moody’s Release. 

On January 7, Fitch updated its criteria for rating derivative product companies.  Fitch Release.  Fitch Report.

Rating Agency Updates

On November 18, Fitch noted that restrictions in dialogue between U.S. CMBS special servicers and rating agencies caused by SEC Rule 17g-5 may have the unintended consequence of producing unnecessary rating volatility. Fitch Release.

On November 16, S&P clarified its methodology and assumptions for assessing borrower-level SPEs in U.S. CMBS pools. S&P Release.

On November 17, Fitch updated its criteria for surveillance of U.S. fixed-rate CMBS transactions. Fitch Release.

On November 15, Fitch updated its criteria report outlining its methodology to analyze the credit quality of derivative product companies. Fitch Release. Fitch Report.

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