future flow securitizations

Rating Agency Developments

On June 20, Moody’s released its methodology for assessing tail risk in Australian RMBS transactionsMoody’s Report.   

On June 19, Moody’s released its U.S. RMBS surveillance methodology.  Moody’s Report

On June 19, KBRA released its financial guaranty rating methodology.  KBRA Report

On June 18, Fitch released its criteria for rating future flow securitizationsFitch Report

On June 18, S&P released an advance notice of proposed criteria change for non-financial corporate issuersS&P Release

On June 17, Fitch released its criteria for rating thermal power projectsFitch Report

On June 14, Fitch released its criteria for rating letter of credit-supported bondsFitch Report

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Rating Agency Criteria and Methodology Updates

On March 1, S&P published its methodology and assumptions relating to the surveillance of U.S. RMBS transactions backed by small-balance commercial loans. S&P Release.

On March 4, S&P revised its assumptions for assessing European insurance hybrid capital instruments subject to the EU’s “Directive On The Taking-Up And Pursuit Of The Business Of Insurance And Reinsurance” (Solvency II). S&P Release.

On March 2, S&P released updated assumptions for the interest rate scenarios for its U.S. insurance risk-based capital model. S&P Release.

On March 3, Fitch released updated criteria related to the rating of future flow securitizations in emerging markets. Fitch Release.

On March 2, Fitch released updated criteria with respect to the liquidity risks of covered bond programs. Fitch Release. 

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