Judge Buchwald

Allstate RMBS Suit Against Credit Suisse Remanded to New York State Court

Judge Buchwald of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York issued an order on October 19, 2011, remanding a suit brought by Allstate against Credit Suisse and related entities arising out of alleged misrepresentations made in connection with over $200 million of RMBS allegedly purchased by Allstate. Defendants had removed the action on “related to bankruptcy” grounds on the basis that three of the originators of loans underlying Allstate’s certificates, against whom Defendants had potential claims for indemnification, had declared bankruptcy. The court found that because Defendants had not asserted any of the indemnification claims against the bankrupt originators, and because the time to do so in the relevant bankruptcy proceedings had passed, that Defendants had not shown a sufficient relation to those bankruptcy proceedings to justify the exercise of federal jurisdiction. The court further found that even if Defendants had shown that related to bankruptcy grounds existed, the court still would be required to remand the action on mandatory abstention grounds. Decision.