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Federal Reserve Board Releases Hypothetical Scenarios for Second Round of Bank Stress Tests


On September 17, the Federal Reserve Board released its hypothetical scenarios for a second round of bank stress tests. Earlier this year, the Board’s first round of stress tests found that large banks were well capitalized under a range of hypothetical events. An additional round of stress tests is being performed due to the continued uncertainty from the COVID event. Release.

Rating Agency Developments

On May 17, Fitch issued a release setting forth its view that the final guidance regarding internal stress testing for large banks released by bank regulators is sound and sufficiently flexible to allow for firms to comply. Fitch Release.

On May 17, Fitch released a report detailing the statistical analysis underlying the revised basis spread stresses for FFELP ABS transactions included in its updated criteria for rating FFELP student loan ABS. Fitch Release.  Fitch Report.

On May 15, S&P released its short-term/long-term ratings linkage criteria for corporate and sovereign issuers. S&P Release.

On May 15, Moody’s released its approach to quantifying set-off risk for securitizations and covered bonds originated by U.K. deposit-taking institutions. Moody’s Report.

On May 14, Moody’s released its approach to rating structured finance CDOs. Moody’s Report.

On May 14, Fitch updated its criteria for U.S. auto lease ABS. Fitch Report.

On May 11, S&P issued its methodology for assessing when a guarantor’s failure to honor a payment obligation under a guarantee would be a default and how it would affect the guarantor’s issuer credit rating. S&P Release.

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