Official Journal

European Parliament Adopts Proposed Regulation Amending Regulation on Cross-Border Payments


On February 14, the European Parliament published a press release announcing it had adopted in plenary at first reading the proposed Regulation amending the Regulation on cross-border payments (924/2009regarding certain charges on cross-border payments in the EU and currency conversion charges (20189/0076/(COD)). On the same day the provisional edition ((P8_TA-PROV(2019)0124) of the text of the legislative resolution was also published.

The next step is for the proposed Regulation to be adopted by the Council, after which it will enter force 20 days after its publication in the Official Journal (“OJ“) and the majority of provisions will apply from December 15.

An FAQs and factsheet have also been published in relation to the proposed Regulation.

Corrigendum to Delegated Regulation Relating to Passporting Under MiFID II Published in OJ


The Official Journal of the EU (OJ) has published a corrigendum to Commission Delegated Regulation ((EU) 2017/1018) supplementing the MiFID II Directive (2014/65/EU) with regard to regulatory technical standards (RTS) specifying information to be notified by investment firms, market operators and credit institutions.

The corrigendum makes the following minor change to the text of article 5(b) of the version of the Delegated Regulation published in the OJ:

“For: “(b) a short description of the appropriate arrangements to be in place and the date from which these arrangements will be provided in the host Member State;”

read: “(b) a short description of the arrangements and the date from which those arrangements will be provided in the host Member State;”.”

The Delegated Regulation was made under article 34(8) of the MiFID II Directive.