post-closing rating

Rating Agency Developments

On January 29, DBRS released its proposed Master U.S. ABS Surveillance Methodology which provides an overview of surveillance procedures and insight into the credit philosophy DBRS utilizes to monitor the performance of transactions it has rated.  Comments are requested on or before February 26.  DBRS ReleaseDBRS Methodology

On February 4, Moody’s re-evaluated the assumptions it uses to rate auto lease ABS in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) exposed to residual value (RV) risk.  Moody’s Release

On, February 1, Moody’s clarified its approach for providing a post-closing rating for structured finance securities. This report was published in light of the increased interest in that process following the amendment by the European Central Bank (ECB) of its eligibility criteria for structured finance securities for Eurosystem credit operations.  Moody’s Report

On February 1, S&P changed its loss assumptions for credit stress testing U.S. financial institutionsS&P Release.

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