third-party due diligence

Rating Agency Developments

On August 4, Fitch updated its global structured finance rating criteria. Fitch Release.

On August 3, Moody’s detailed its approach to Investment Manager Quality assessments. Moody’s Report.

On August 2, Fitch withdrew its criteria for rating: (i) debtor-in-possession loan facilities and (ii) covenant-light loans and CLOs. Fitch Release (DIP). Fitch Release (CLO).

On August 1, Fitch replaced investment provider guidelines with structured finance counterparty criteria. Fitch Release.

On August 1, S&P updated its methodology for rating U.S. rental fleet securitizations. S&P Criteria.

On July 29, Fitch removed Loss Severity Ratings from its Ratings Definitions. Fitch Release.

On July 29, Moody’s released its methodology for rating rental car ABS and rental truck ABS. Moody’s Methodology.

On July 27, DBRS released its third-party due diligence criteria for U.S. RMBS transactions. DBRS Methodology.

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