U.S. auto loan ABS

Rating Agency Developments

On April 20, Fitch published its updated criteria for rating U.S. auto loan ABS transactions. Fitch Release.

On April 20, DBRS released methodologies for a number of types of Canadian structured finance transactions. DBRS Methodologies.

On April 19, Fitch published its criteria for partial credit guarantees in emerging market transactions. Fitch Release.

On April 18, S&P updated its global methodologies for rating ABCP issued by multi-seller conduits by introducing new criteria for classification and timing of new-seller transaction reviews. S&P Release.

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Rating Agency Developments

On January 11, S&P updated its methodology and assumptions for rating and monitoring U.S. auto loan ABS. S&P Release.

On January 11, Fitch published an updated report on ‘Guidelines for Rating Prerefunded Municipal Bonds‘. Fitch Release. Fitch Report.

On January 12, Fitch revised its Ratings Definitions to remove the term “Shadow Ratings” and to add an “RD”, Restricted Default, definition to National scale short- and long-term Issuer Default Ratings. Fitch Release.